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The Value of Hunting your Own Food

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Hunting has been intrinsically linked to humans since the beginning of time. Without it we would not have survived and made it to where we are today. The vast majority of people in the modern world are not required to hunt to sustain themselves. Most people today have the convenience of going to their local supermarket or organic food store to acquire their sustenance required for survival. People today don't have to: first, find it and second, figure out how to get close enough to either catch it or shoot it.

Historically, humans spent a tremendous amount of time and energy obtaining their food by either foraging, farming or hunting. The majority of time in daily life was spent either growing, harvesting or acquiring food in some shape or form.

I think the majority of people today have forgotten this or never bothered to think about it and realize it. And there in lies the disconnect as to where our food comes from in the modern, mechanized, production based world. The conflicted argument by non-hunters against hunting wild animals. The question should be is it moral, is it ethical, is it acceptable to kill wild animals if you don't have to, to survive? (If you have the supermarket option.)

I would argue yes it is. I will argue that when the person eating the harvest knows where the animal they are eating came from and is aware of the work that it took to haul it across the prairie or down the side of a mountain to get it to the table, there is a much greater appreciation, awareness and connection to the food. There is a greater appreciation for the steak, burger or roast when you know exactly where it came from, where it lived and what it was doing before it ended up on the table as a meal. I also believe it tastes a whole lot better than slow elk.


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