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Spring Training for Hunters

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Hunting, like any sport, requires practice to be proficient. This is especially true when it comes to shooting. Owning a quality rifle with a high end scope does not make me a proficient shooter any more than owning top of the line ski gear makes me a black diamond skier if I don't practice on a regular basis.

Shooting is one of the most important aspect of hunting and requires practice, practice to develop proficiency, skill and confidence. Proficiently, skill and confidence can turn a good hunt into an amazing hunt because it allowed you to harvest an animal that may otherwise may have been outside of your shooting capabilities.

This time of year, when Montana's spring temperatures mimic early winter hunting conditions, is when I like to go to the range and make sure I'm still dialed in from last year, re-establish my shooting confidence and prepare for the upcoming season. Early season practice also give me plenty of time before the opener to deal with any problems I may find. I also believe it's important to practice shooting in temperature conditions similar to what you will be hunting in as bullets will more than likely impact differently downrange in 30 degree weather as compared to 80 degree weather.

Getting tuned up this time of year and working all the bugs out early also means I can relax and shoot leisurely throughout the remainder of the year and don't have to fight the crowds at the gun range two weeks before the season. But more importantly, early season practice helps me determine with confidence my effective range at which I am certain I can make one shot kills in the upcoming season.

The group below was shot on 3/5/18 with a Rem. 280 at 100 yards.


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