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Foraging: It's still hunting.

It's that time of year again. Spring green-up is well under way; daytime temperatures are pushing the mid-70's; spring rains and thunderstorms are more frequent; the mosquitos are numerous and tenacious; and, the morels from last year's forest fires are popping. I love to hunt and it doesn't matter if it's deer sheds, game, mushrooms or other edible plants. It's all about the hunt and the satisfaction of bringing natural forest offerings to the table. Hunting is also about the process: the sights, smells and sounds that go with it; the newborn whitetail fawn that you stumble upon at three feet away; the fresh bear or wolf tracks; the drum of a pileated woodpecker hammering for grubs on a snag. I like being in the woods regardless, but it's all the more rewarding when you get to bring home some of the forest's bounty to serve as dinner.

Montana Morels
Wolf track

The Harvest


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