Mission Statement 

To promote hunting success through excellence, with emphasis on patience, discipline, skill and ethics. 


Jaegerworks History:

As a young teenager I learned to hunt in Germany from my great uncle. One shot kills were the rule and this hunting philosophy has been my baseline ever since.  I have harvested over 50 animals in twenty-two years of hunting. I have put every animal on the ground with one bullet and I have recovered every animal. It is this discipline and ethic that I would like to pass on to hunters new to the sport.   It is this discipline that I would like to see become the norm when hunting.

Hunting is one of the few sports that lacks referees or an audience. It is often done solo in remote areas. Therefore, it is up to every individual hunter to have, enforce and adhere to their own set of ethics and rules. It is up to the individual hunter to exercise discipline and be willing let some animals walk away if clean kills are not highly likely. This means knowing your limitations and the limitations of your weapon. This philosophy is the foundation of JaegerWorks. 

About JaegerWorks

The JaegerWorks curriculum is modeled after European hunting courses where, in addition to teaching hunting skills and techniques, students are taught about the biology, anatomy and physiology of the animals to be hunted.  Other topics include: ballistics, firearm function and safety, first aid, bear safety and game tracking. Additionally, butchering, processing and meat care techniques are also discussed so no animal or its parts are wasted.  

JaegerWorks is located in the heart of the Swan Valley in Western Montana. The Swan valley is home to deer, elk, mountain lion, wolf, black and grizzly bears.  Classes will take place on a private 40 acres with scenic views of the Swan Range.  The classroom facility is a custom home designed by a nationally recognized architect.  It is modeled after a European hunting lodge which will serve as the classroom and dining area. 

Dean Johnson Biography

Dean Johnson, founder of JaegerWorks, has over 30 years of hunting experience with a 98% success rate on deer and antelope.  Dean’s love of the outdoors started at an early age as a result of fishing and camping trips as a child in Washington State.  In college, he pursued a degree in Wildlife Biology.  He has logged thousands of hours afield, working as a research technician for various state and federal wildlife agencies in Washington, Idaho, Alaska and Montana. Research duties have included: wildlife habitat surveys, trapping and tagging of mule deer, bighorn sheep, black bears and grizzly bears, radio tracking; and raptor rehabilitation work. 

Dean has successfully hunted in Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Germany.  Be it mallards, mushrooms or mule deer, he enjoys harvesting and processing his own food and taking it from the field to its final destination at the table. Dean has over 20 years of emergency care experience as a firefighter/EMT and is currently a fire captain with the Missoula Fire Department. 

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JaegerWorks Lodge (Class Room)

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