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    JaegerWorks, LLC, provides hunting education geared toward hunters new to the sport or men and women that did not grow up in a hunting culture. The exercises and lectures are designed to help the individual be a successful and ethical hunter by providing students with the tools to make good decisions afield and evaluate hunting situations before they are encountered. In addition, students will gain a better understanding and appreciation for the animals being hunted. Course curriculum will cover topics from Ballistics and Shot placement to Butchering and Bear Safety.  This will be accomplished through lectures, discussions and practical field activities. Lectures will range in topics from preparing for your hunt through the process of hunting to what you need to know after you have harvested your animal. In addition, field exercises that reflect actual hunting situations will be used to develop skills required for tracking and recovering wounded game.  


    This is not a shooting or marksmanship class. There are no live fire exercises as part of the curriculum. 

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    To promote hunting success through excellence, with emphasis on patience, discipline, skill and ethics.    

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